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Do you know LIVESQUE?

Most people wash their hair every day with shampoo. What kind of shampoo do you usually use? I would like you to hear about a special shampoo “LIVESQUE” with professor Cho Young-kwon (Dept. of Biochemistry & Health Science).

Q. Would you introduce LIVESQUE?

Cho: LIVESQUE is a hair care brand that scientifically approaches the power of bonatics shared by Korean herbal medicine and Western aromatherapy. LIVESQUE is rooted in the firm understanding of the biochemical mechanisms of hair growth and the core philosophy of finding its answers from nature. Natural plant based extracts penetrate the scalp, activating roots and strengthen hair. It also helps to control excess sebum, to reduce itchiness and dandruff and to give protein damaged hair to transform it into shiny hair. There are 4 kind of LIVESQUE, for men and women, young and old.

Q. When did you start to develop LIVESQUE?

Cho: After I graduated food engineering from Seoul National University, I studied enzymology for about 10 years. I naturally turned my eye to products using enzymes like lightening cosmetics and prevention of hair loss. My desire made me found LIVESQUE with my daughter, two years ago. LIVESQUE came directly from research to production.

Q. What’s the difference between market shampoo and LIVESQUE.

Cho: Market shampoo includes low price ingredients, a surface active agent and preservative. They are harmful to the scalp because their chemical residues remain in hair bulbs even after washing. Some of them can cause hair loss. However, LIVESQUE was made to solve that kind of trouble. We extract ingredients from natural material to help itchiness.

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