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Challenge of Infinite Youth

New CWNU honorary ambassadors, also called ‘Cha-oh-rum’, were chosen on April 24th, 2015. I interviewed Han yu-jin, one of the 14 new members.

Q. Would you introduce yourself and why you participated in the Cha-oh-rum?

Han: I am Han yu-jin, a 3rd year student of International Relations. I have a close friend who works as a 5th year member, who gives me a lot of information about Cha-oh-rum and motivated me to apply for Cha-oh-rum. Personally speaking, I am lacking in speech ability but I applied for it in the meaning of participation.

Q. What is the selection standard of ‘Cha-oh-rum’ and how did you prepare for the interview?

Han: In the first candidate selection, application forms and interviews cover 40% respectively and a language score is 20%. The first selected have a second interview test. In the interview, expression ability, expert knowledge on their major, ability to handle situations, will, passion, listening attitude to other applicants, and decent image are considered. Before I went to the interview, I searched about Cha-oh-rum in detail on the school homepage. I tried not to get nervous during the interview as well. I think that we need to have a good image because we represent CWNU. So I focused on practicing my smile.

Q. What are Cha-oh-rum’s activities?

Han: Cha-oh-rum started to have college fairs for middle and high school students from the 5th period of the school day. For honored guests’ visits and in-and-out of campus events, we take the role as student honorary ambassadors. In the production of CWNU promotional materials, we take parts as students models as well.

Q. What are your feelings and resolution as a Cha-oh-rum member?

Han: I hope I can make unforgettable memories with 6th Cha-oh-rum members this semester. I will exert all my strength to give a good image to insiders as well as outsiders for CWNU with my decent manners and mental attitude.

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