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Different Country, Same University

Ksenia Kopotilova is an exchange student from Pacific National University in Russia, which has an exchange student program with our university. She’s in 2nd grade in Russia and she came to Korea last year. This is the interview with Ksenia!

Q.. What was the motivation to come to Korea and CWNU?

Ksenia: When I checked the Internet in Russia in my 2nd year, there was this challenge to go abroad. I thought, “I can do it,” because it was a challenge and my grades were good enough to give it a try. My motivation was to try something new and to improve my language skills. That’s why I chose Korea.

Q.. How are you improving your Korean ability?

Ksenia: In my first semester which was in September, everybody tried to speak to me in English so my Korean didn’t improve. Also, when I arrived in Korea, there were so many new things and exotic places such as festivals, new friends and cultures, so I couldn’t focus on my studies. This semester, my Korean class is getting more difficult and therefore, I study much harder than before; so I think my Korean is improving.

Q.. What are the things you dislike about being in CWNU?

Ksenia: Even though I studied hard in Russia, I have to study much harder than when I was in Russia. I feel that Korean people study so hard. The passion is good but when I see my friends studying, I sometimes think it can be very stressful for them.

Q.. What do you want to achieve in CWNU?

Ksenia: I want to improve my language skills. I think I have already done it in some respect. My English has certainly improved since before I came to Korea. Because there are no Russian exchange students, I don’t use Russian in daily life. I also want to have more new experiences in Korea, because Korea has a different side compared to Russia.

Jeong Seung-in  samcandothat@naver.com

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