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Explore the Sea with CNUSS!

There are so many clubs in CWNU. Among other clubs, there is a flamboyant club called ‘CNUSS’, abbreviation for ‘Changwon National University Skin-scuba.’ I met Mun Jung-ho (Dept. of Industrial & System Engineering), the president of CNUSS.

Q. What activities does CNUSS do?

Mun: First, our main purpose is entering the sea. During the semester, there isn’t enough time, so we go scuba diving in the sea near our school (Busan, Tongyoung, Geoje, etc.). During vacation, we sometimes go to Jeju Island or Ulleng Island. Then, we can go into the deeper sea. We go to the sea 3 times in the first semester and 2 times in the second semester.

Q. What is different about CNUSS compared to other clubs?

Mun: First, we pride ourselves on doing something that other people can’t try easily. Second, our club has diving equipment already, so we don’t have to borrow or buy equipment. Third, we can give specialized experience. The cost of scuba diving is similar to traveling. It is a really big difference that we can do something unique and special at the same cost. It has a big merit.

Q. Are you going to continue scuba diving after graduation?

Mun: Sure, I’d love to if time permits. I love entering the sea, and spending time underwater. I especially love scuba diving in a great environment. When I was a freshman, I went to Jeju Island. I’ll never forget that moment. In the water, I passed through this small space with lots of fish. At that time, I felt that I had made a good decision.

Q. Lastly, do you want to say something to the readers?

Mun: If you go scuba diving, you can experience zero gravity in a roundabout way. You can move freely however you want. It has a charm different from normal life. It is especially awesome that you can see the real view of the sea. There’s no comparison between the real view and the view through television or photos. It is almost impossible to describe; it’s ecstasy. Give yourself a challenge!

Oh Yu-ju  -

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