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Create an Unforgettable Moment

People make lots of plans in their lives. Some plans can be hard to carry out and others can be easy to do. I interviewed Park Seong-hyeong (Department of History) who planned for and went on a lengthy European tour.

Q. Why did you go to Europe, and what was your itinerary?

Park: I was fond of geography when I was a middle and high school student. I was especially interested in learning about Europe. When I was in the army, I made a plan and prepared to go there. After my second year in university, I applied for a leave of absence and saved a lot of money. Then I traveled to Europe from June 6 - August 1. The total cost was about 7,000,000 won.

Q. Which country impressed you the most?

Park: That was Spain. Spain is widely known as a country full of passion. It was really true. Spanish cuisine suited me, and the nightlife was similar to Korea. But what I envied most was the ‘siesta’. A siesta is a time to take a nap and not work from 12pm to 2pm. The sun goes down at 11pm and comes up at 4am in Spain. That is why this kind of tradition appeared.

Q. Is there an episode that you will never forget?

Park: I skydived in Prague, Czech Republic. At first, I didn’t have any plans to skydive but two friends I met there persuaded me to do it. I flew up to an altitude of 4,000m on a light aircraft. When the staff opened the door of the aircraft, I totally freaked out and jumped from the plane. While I was falling, I saw stars due to the fast speed. However, I could feel the vastness of the sky when I released my parachute. I knew how it felt to fly in the sky, and this was a moment I will never forget in my life.

Seong Jaeho  -

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