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First I take 1.67, Now I take All A+

The Start is Gloomy, but I did All A+

What is the secret to maintaining a good grade?

To get a good grade, my own mind is the most important. If you want to vaguely get a good score without aim, it will be somewhat difficult. Set your own aim to get all A plus score or I will get A plus in this subject. The specific plan can help you to achieve your goal. If you are still in the sweet dream you can get great score as you pull all nighters so you can cram the night before an exam, you will never get a satisfactory result. There are clear differences between a vague idea and specific plan. The other people around me are also important. When I was a freshman, I got 1.67score and I was placed under academic probation. But my friend got the 4.5score that is all A plus. It is very shocking for me. I can not believe how he can get that. By that time, I think I can also get the score, if he can get that. Then I was firmly resolved to study hard to get that score. If there are not friends in my life, my score may stay about 1~2score. Surrounding people are good and powerful and strong stimulus for your development.

To get the 4.5 score, do I have to concentrate my attention on study?

It is important not only great grade but also exterior activity. When I was discharged from military and go back to school, I concentrated on my credit management. Those days I thought it is most important and just want to get a good grade. However, now I realize that it is not all. After that, I became to get many things what I want to do. I want to study English more and engage in many activities like contest exhibition. Because I thought if I go to abroad for language study, as soon as fast it is good. So finishing my second-year, I went to Australia. After coming back to Korea, I worked harder. I did work at English Lounge to maintain my speaking skill and participate in one-to-one program. In addition, I challenge the contest of every kind. Although there are some fails, I can find my weakness at the challenge.

I want other students to challenge new chances. There are many good chances and great programs to give you various benefits in CWNU, however, most of the students are not interested in that or not try to get them. Students who are benefited always have solely them to oneself. The chances are for everyone. But most of us even do not try to find the chances and challenges. They think “My score is very low.. I do not have good experience for worthy of application.” I want to tell them that if you get only passion, it is a good reason. Have courage! And have a positive mind! You can also do everything you want.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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