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Prof. Park elected the President in the KDAS
Professor Park Hi - Chang of Dept. of Statistics of College of Natural Science lectures hard for CWNU student’s future on campus. He was elected as the next term president in the Korean Data Analysis Society which was held this year on October 23th in the Korea University Seoul campus. I met professor Park Hi - Chang to have an interview with him.

How do you like to be elected as the next term president in the KDAS?

First, I would like to express my gratitude for people who elected me in KDAS regular general meeting which was held in the Korea University Seoul campus. And I will do my best in doing my duty. Would you introduce KDAS to the readers? KDAS was established in 1998 and now is made up of about 900 members. KDAS members are doing various academic activities. This society publishes writings in Korean and English. These journals are registered scientific journal of NRF(National Research Foundation of Korea.)

What are your academic achievements in addition to KDAS president?

First, I’ve got 2007 scholarship prize in KDAS. And I’ve got 2005 scholarship thesis prize in Korea Data information. Also, I published many papers in the international academic journals including “Characteristics of rain penetration through a gravity ventilator used for natural ventilation.”

What is your plan afterward?

I am planning to pioneer for a new interdisciplinary study through the merge of related field study requiring analysis of materials. And I hope to consolidate the international academic cooperation of the society, and found a firm ground for the society to develop into a leading society of the field.

Choi Duck-Yoon  duckyoon1004@changwon.ac.kr

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