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Have you heard of Handsome Guys and Beautiful Girls at CWNU?

We interviewed the manager of Handsome Guys and Beautiful Girls at CWNU on 8/5.

Q. When did you start Handsome Guys and Beautiful Girls at CWNU?

A. Recently we found more attractive and outstanding people on Facebook and we know people like to show their private lives through SNS (Social Network Service).

When I visited another university, I saw that a Handsome Guys and Beautiful Girls page operated in the university.

This follows the latest Facebook trend. If our university makes a page, students posted on here will feel good and CWNU or other university students will be interested.

Q. Have you experienced difficulties while you are operating Handsome Guys and Beautiful Girls at CWNU?

A. Sure. I received a lot of information on day one. I wanted to post all recommended students but I had to manage the page accordingly so inevitably I had to decline recommendations without hurting people’s feelings. It was very difficult.

Nevertheless I heard lots of bad news around campus. For example, "Why is this face posted on this page!", "This is CWNU's shame.", "I'm disappointed with CWNU students."

When I heard the bad news I reconsidered making the page.

Also during the exam period, I had to concentrate but I couldn’t because I needed to update the page. Honestly I was annoyed and my exam was very important to me so uploading recommendations was delayed.

I anticipated this sort of thing and I have to observe good rules so I posted a written apology regarding the delay in posting the recommendations.

Q. Last semester, lots of students were aware of handsome guys and beautiful girls at CWNU. How do you feel and what’s the plan for the future?

A. First I am happy that my page receives attention and I am proud that I can manage this page in the name of my school.

In the future if students progressively give information, this page will continue and I like to read the comments. I read all comments. I expect to read many exciting comments next semester. I believe when the second semester has started, I will receive lots of recommendations again. Thank you.

Kim Yu jeong  -

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