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The director of a library, creating an academic atmosphere
There are a committee for library management trying to create an academic atmosphere and make students feel convenient for studying beyond eyeshot at the CNU library. To ask some questions about using the library, I meet the director of a library, managing the 4th room, Park Jong-Kuen(dept of. electronic engineering, senior)

How do you become the director of a library?
First, I just would like to study more because I became a senior. So I apply for this job. However, as I became the director of a library, I became paying careful attention to other students and an overall atmosphere conducive to academic pursuit. And there are not any inconvenience for using the library.

What do you do as the director of a library?
Basically, all of us exert our efforts to create an academic atmosphere. In addition, prohibition for carrying the food and drink, no talking in the room and a solemn atmosphere. Sometimes, we restraint the person who is on the telephone conversation in the room. We distribute the locker, inspect and check facilities including water purifier and a fluorescent lamp. If we can find some inconveniences, we will improve the accommodation or we will hold the meeting to improve. Some people think we are just to seat and study hard for ourselves. But, we always mind creating the pleas
ant environment.

When do you think your efforts were rewarded?
I am not sure you laughed at my answer. I am happy when I put a paper cup near the water purifier. It is nothing to speak of. Strange as it may appear, it is true for me, because anyone needs the cup when they feel thirsty. There are many times I feel the efforts were rewarded.

How do you think about using the library by public?
Because CNU is a national university, generally our university library is not ours. So I think our school library can be used by public if they observe the rules of etiquette. As some citizens regard our library as a public library, it can be a problem, however, our library is built by national support, we also need to send back for the citizen. But we make a rule for the convenience of using for students to use the third floor for everyone including the public. The fourth floor can be used only by our students.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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