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Bring up global Competitive Power with One-to-One

We met Kim Young-Woo a senior student in Dept. of International Relations. He is a member of One-To-One program this semester. One-To-One is a 1:1 volunteer program for new foreign students in CNU. Volunteers help foreign students adapt themselves to new circumstances. For example, they introduce facilities of CNU and Changwon city. They assist foreigners to register for courses and teach Korean language to foreigners.

1. Why did you apply for One-To-One?

When I was studying abroad, I learned that living abroad is very hard. Most foreign students have some problems. They have difficulty in adapting themselves to new circumstances. They are sometimes afflicted with loneliness. I want to help them from my own experience. I hope that they adjust themselves to the new school easily.

2. What do you learn from One-To-One?

Foreign students lived in completely different culture from us : a language, a lifestyle, and a personality. My friend is Sergienko Anastasia. She is from Russia. She do not hide her feelings and she is an active person. I believe self-confidence is most important in meeting with foreigners. They think Korean students are too shy to even talk to them. Don’t be afraid to come near the foreigners.

3. Isn’t there an effective way to speak English well?

I think means are not important. Students have to work at being friendlier with English. For instance, you can listen to pop song, see a movie, and read a book in English. In my case, I mostly watch the “Friends” which was broadcasted in NBC. I read a dialogue script and imitate a main character’s way of talking. It is essential that all students should speak so loudly. English is a language. If students practice repeatedly, they will soon get used to sentence pattern. Then they can easily speak and listen to English. They can make themselves understood in English.

4. Please advise to students who prepare for studying abroad.

They should diligently study English before they go abroad. If they can not speak English in other countries, they will have difficulty in adjusting. English helps them experience other countries’ culture and lifestyle. Studying abroad may helps students’ English ability go up to the next level.

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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