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English Lounge always Open
We met Yu Sang-Jo, a senior student in Dept. of Information & Communication working at English Lounge. Although it was during the Chuseok holiday season, he answered all the questions with vibrant enthusiasm.

He began to work at the English lounge to maintain his English skills. He said, “I have seen many students who studied the language abroad but do not maintain their language skills. Most of all, working here pays well. I like talking in English. I can practice English speaking, earn money and enjoy the work, all at the same time!”

By the way, he expressed his worries about poor attendance at Lounge, “20 to 40 people visit the lounge on a daily basis. However, 2 years ago, at least 80 people visited the lounge every day, but these days the participation of people is quite poor.”

We asked what could be done to vitalize the lounge activities. “The biggest issue is that the school annulled the lounge participation from the school curriculum. They even lowered the points from the lounge activities. It is good that many students don’t write their reports or sleep at the lounge to fill the hours but not all results are good. Fewer people mean less work at the English Lounge and I feel sorry for it. I want the lounge to be not only for English studying but also a place for people to feel comfortable as if they are at home. I want it to be busy like before again.”

We changed the subject and asked him if there was a memorable incident working at the lounge. He said, “All students at IT department were quarantined at home when swine influenza broke out. There was a rumor among faculty members and staff, and they believed that I was infected. Some foreign teachers did not want to talk to me and I had to explain to everyone that I was not infected. They were telling jokes to me saying not to come close or that I was not fully recovered from the influenza. Exchanging such jokes was fun and we became closer friends.

Kang In-Jung  cutejung88@changwon.ac.kr

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