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How Much Do You Know About the Assistant of Your Dept.?- Interview with Kim Su-jin, Assistant of Dept. of English Language & Literature

Su-jin wakes up every morning like other students. She enters the office and checks through the day's schedule. She is busy dealing with many official documents and inquiries all day. She sometimes has lunch with professors, too. After her busy daily work, she goes to her graduate courses. This is her day, acting as an assistant of the Dept. of English Language & Literature.

Q. When and why did you start working as the assistant in the Dept. of English Language & Literature?

A. I entered this department in 2002 and graduated from here. I was the president of the student council for one year, too. I have worked here since 2010. This is my last year working at CWNU because I am a contract worker. It is a very sad thing for me.

I originally worked as a research assistant. At that time, it was a good chance to work with my juniors and professors. I have spent a great time up until now. I also like meeting people and interacting with them.

Q. What tasks do you do?

A. I can divide my job into three parts. The first one is related to undergraduate students and managing bachelor’s degrees, entrance, courses, etc. The second one involves graduate school and its students. And the last part concerns academic affairs involving professors. I can say that I am a kind of manager in our department.

Q. When do you feel burdened?

A. There are many events in this department. These events require the active participation of students, but, on occasion, they are embarrassing to me because of a low participation rate. Too many inquiries about course registration at the beginning of the semester sometimes drive me mad. I often have to do many tasks at once, like handling documents and answering the phone. One of the hardest things is about people. Even though I know my job is dealing with people, it is always the most difficult thing when it does not go well.

Q. When do you feel that your efforts are worthwhile?

A. I always feel great whenever I spend time with students. They give me energy all the time. Especially when students or professors thank me for doing work for them, their words of gratitude and praise lift me up. Most of all, I am happy that I can work with fresh youth, not only the stuffy adults’ society. Occasionally a drinking party with students adds excitement to my time.

Q. Do you have any other plans?

A. In the immediate future, I'll finish my graduate course. Then I am going to go abroad and study for a master’s degree. I will be able to be a part-time instructor here or in another place. I want to complete my work here with satisfaction. I believe my experience as the department assistant is helpful to me. Every person I have met has been nice, and I will never forget them. I appreciate being given this opportunity before I leave CWNU.

Jo Young-in  youngwon13@naver.com

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