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Sarim Leaders Club

Do you know about work clubs in the school? Among several work clubs in the school, I saw the “Sarim Leaders”. This is the work club which provides employment preparation for the upper grades. This was made in May with plans to develop as a representative club in CWNU. Now, let’s learn about “Sarim Leaders” .

Q. Please tell us about Sarim Leaders.

A. Our Sarim Leaders teaches abilities students will need in a changing world. The world changes very fast so people must have the right talents. This is the reality of Korea. So, we teach students about changing strategies every year. Also, we do concentrated care for seniors. Sarim Leaders help students find the proper job training programs and help to find suitable ways of getting jobs in the future.

Q. How does Sarim Leaders operate?

A. We are caring for approximately 150 students, divided from 6 to 10. Though a job camp, students have many experiences. We have counseling sessions with students and provide job information to them.

Generally, many students who signed up to our club didn’t know how to study for jobs. So, we help to match the goal of the individual with study habits. For example, students unfamiliar with job interviews practice interviewing themselves together. We also give advice on writing resumes. Also, students have special lectures from people of successful employment. Thus, we were doing overall management and students talk to us about what they want. Then, we look for other ways of study and through this, students have other experiences. Through this, students can use the Sarim Leaders with higher satisfaction.

Our Sarim Leaders give a lot of support to students. Students are supported with exam fees for improving their language skills as well as operating costs and book purchase costs. We support the study spaces and consultants for choosing a job.

Q. Can you tell me the future goals and what to say to students?

A. Our Sarim Leaders started late in May of this year and didn’t give more information to students. So, Sarim Leaders will start to operate from the beginning of the semester next year. If students have more information and experience more things, they can compete with students of other universities. In addition, we will be mentoring final year students with students who obtained successful employment.

If students hear the stories of seniors who are work ing from this year, we think that student will become the kind of person companies want to hire.

To students, if you enter Sarim Leaders, don’t give up. There are many students who give up the program, not fitting their grades and enterprises they want. Also, if you have in your mind that you want a job, we hope that you use the general human resource development center with attention focused on lower grades. There are a lot of internet courses on the school website. We hope you give us your attention.

by Im Guk-jin, Cup-reporter

Im Guk-jin  media@changwon.ac.kr

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