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Electronic Music Club COMUSE

COMUSE is a club dedicated to electronic music at Changwon University.
It is a combination of the words “computer” and “'music,” and is interested in electronic music.
The members of 'COMUSE' enjoy this kind of music with others. If you are looking for something interesting to do while at university,
how about joining this musical club? The club plays music for various official events at the university.

Also, whenever there are on- or off-campus events, the club plays music and promotes itself.
Based on such activities, the club also puts on a regular musical performance at the end of the year.
Byeong-ryeol Park, the president of the club, said, "All the upper-classmen and under-classmen of the club get along very well with each other.

Whenever an upper-classman gets married, the other members participate in the wedding ceremony by singing.
Also, everyone goes on membership training meetings every year.
Even if some of the members have graduated from the university, they often get together for the music.

COMUSE is currently recruiting members for its 20th period. Anyone with a passion for music can join this club.
The skills of the potential members are not important.
We welcome all people who are full of passion for music."

Kang In-Jung  cutejung88@changwon.ac.kr

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