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Let's Vist CWNU's Museum with a Sense of Ownership

Do you know there is a museum in CNU? How many people know where it is?
Surprisingly, a museum in CWNU is the only museum in Changwon city. It is located in the corner of a central library. Five years ago, it was located on the first floor of a central library.

At that time various exhibition was held in a gallery and a lobby of library. But the head office of CWNU requested relocation of a museum. because it needed space for information retrieval. Nowadays, there is a room for information retrieval on the first floor of a central library.
On the contrary, a museum of Pusan National University has a separated-building. A museum of Kyungnam University has a sufficient space; whole second floor of Hanma Future Building.

A museum has been through unspeakable sufferings. There is not much space for showcase. And their working environment is poor.
There is not a workroom. When the staff of museum work, the museum is not opened for a while. Actually, it was closed up in October,

2009. Ko Eun-Young, a official of museum, said “Although a museum runs on a small scale, it contains history, culture, and consciousness of Gyeongnam province. The museum exhibits cultural heritage from the Bronze Age, the Gaya period, the Shilla period, and the Unified Shilla period. We hold about 12,000 artifacts and data. Artifacts were excavated in Changwon city, Ulsan city, and Haman county. From now on we are going to exhibit valuable cultural heritages and publicize the exhibition. We make a constant effort to be the pride of CWNU.”

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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