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Miracle Drug to Prolong Life by 25 YearsPsychology

A research team announced that they can develop the miracle drug to lengthen the human’s lifespan by up to 25years. A scientific community is extremely excited about this fact. As a man is getting old, the number of the spermidine decreases. The spermidine has to do with human’s aging. The main reason to generate aging is a free radical. We can guard against the free radical with the spermidine and then we can lengthen the lifespan by up to 25years. Frangk Madeo professor team at Garz university in Austrian said that they found that the result of injecting the matter, spermidine to the microorganism like the aspergillus, the fly, the roundworm and the immunity cell of human, their lifespan greatly increased.

The spermidine needs to mature a cell and intercept the activity of the free redical to totally destroy the cell. As a man becomes old, he has the small number of spermidine. Yet they do not know whether that is the reason of aging or that is the result of the aging about the decrease of the number of spermidine. As a result of scientists injecting the spermidine into the aspergillus cell, the lifespan grows longer by maximum 4 times. The lifespan of the drosophila and an eelworm also increase each 1.3times and 1.15times. We can find numerical value of free radical decreased by 30% in the body of the mouse eating the spermidine with water for 200 days.

The scientist said that the immunity cell of human can survive just 15% after 12 days if we leave that as it is. But when we inject the permidine, they can survive 50% after 12 days. Madeo professor said that if we can block the activity of the free radical that is important key to human’s aging by spermidine, we can develop the medicine to prolong the human life. A miraculous thing will happen. the results of the research work was published in the latest issue of Nature Cell Biology.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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