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Controversy over 'ggul-beokji'Hot issue

Do you know ‘ggul beokji’ which means a beautiful thigh? You might hear it on the internet or television. The ‘ggul beokji’ is one of the recent compound words in Korea. The ‘ggul’ means sweet honey and the ‘beokji’ means the thigh. It is a word of praise to a woman with shapely legs.

Tiffany, a member of ‘the Girls Generation’, has been cited as ‘ggul beokji’ by netizens and reporters of yellow journalism. Recently, Yui, a member of ‘After School’, succeed to Tiffany’s fame with ‘ggul beokji’. Even though some people don’t know Yui, they know ‘ggul beokji’.

A few days ago, a girl appealed to Ministry of Gender Equality and Family about ‘ggul beokji’. She said “Men want to lick the honey off girl’s thigh. The ‘ggul beokji’ is a sexual harassment and an expression of women belittlement. I felt ashamed by using ‘ggul beokji’. I hope Ministry of Gender Equality and Family takes the lead in banning the use of ‘ggul beokji’.” Another woman maintained, “some people had used ‘ggul beokji’ for fun at first, but they use ‘ggul beokji’ as a marketing strategy. I’m afraid of the advent of an expression of sexual harassment.”

On the contrary, a man argued that “Although ‘ggul beokji’ caused misunderstanding involuntarily, true meaning is a smooth and beautiful thigh. It’s not an expression of sexual harassment but a praise. In the same manner, ‘chocolate abdominal muscle’ and ‘beast idol’ used by girls are also the expression of sexual harassment. The ‘chocolate abdominal muscle’ means muscular and great abdominal muscle. A chocolate is equal to a honey and an abdominal muscle equals to a thigh. The ‘beast idol’ means pop idol who has masculine beauty. If Ministry of Gender Equality and Family prohibits the use of ‘ggul beokji’, the ministry have to forbid the use of ‘chocolate abdominal muscle’ and ‘beast idol’.

Yui concerned in controversy announced that “I feel good. The ‘ggul beokji’ is a good chance to publicize myself. I want many people to remember me as a celebrity.”

Ahn Seong-Bin  ahnbin1205@changwon.ac.kr

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