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Men's Brain Freezes at the Sight of Beautiful WomenPsychology

A study revealed that when a man is having a word with an attractive woman, his brain function sharply decreases such that he forget his home address or phone number. Scientists of the Kingdom of the Netherlands try an experiment on whether the conversation between opposite sex has an effect on the brain function or not. A total of 80 students in university were surveyed.

First, let him see an attractive woman he never saw before in his life and let him talk with her. And she asked him “What is your address?” then he could not answer right. Second, the scientists run off the memory test on the same students. This test shows that certain events or words have an impact on what they correctly remember and how quickly they answer. Before the test, it took students about 7 minutes to have a word with the opposite. The experiment showed different result between man and woman. When a man has a memory test after he has a conversation with woman, his response time and accuracy are more slow and dropping than those who do not have a conversation with a woman. Especially, as an attractive woman appeals to him, his score is lower.

On the other hand, it doesn¢ matter to women whether she has a conversation or not. Men concentrate their attention to appreciate the beauty and consume their memory of brain. Also men do not think to pick and choose. Men are well-developed to just think about mating or breeding. Since women have serious consideration not only on breeding but on economic power, age, kindness, style and so on, woman is not influenced by only appearance. This result was published in the latest issue of Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology.

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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