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Job Marathon

(1) Resume And Cover letter

We have heard about the senior who is flustered to create the resume and cover letter. As the resume and cover letter is not to just fill out the whole truth, a senior has a trouble completing it. If we fill it out when you are a senior, we cannot show your whole competitiveness. Also due to the problem of shortage of time for preparation, we are likely to give up application. So we need to complete the resume and cover letter in advance.

First, complete the resume and cover letter formality. Second, complete the resume of enterprise the you want to join to make it agreeable to the enterprise. Third, after you complete it, you have to check your weakness and then you must plan to supplement your weakness. Fourth, after you complete the form, you must check it by changing the forms with your same university or same major fellow. Finally, visit the university institution such as Generalization Human Power Development Center and check the level of your competitiveness.

(2) Job Fair & Promotion Seminar

Many enterprises conduct a recruiting for seniors at the second half of the year. At this time, if you assume the attitude of an onlooker as you are in the lower grades, you can not get a good result in the job opportunities. Meet actively a person in charge of human resources or a staff in charge. Especially a staff in charge is usually composed of an older alumnus of my alma mater, so you will get a useful information or helps. You have to make an intensive investigation on whether you are eligible or meet the qualification and how many employers they want to hire in the next year and so on. Understanding various sources is helpful for your employment arrangements. Also beforehand as you experience a bitter contest, you will more effectively attend the job fair and promotion seminar when you are a senior.

(3) Attend a class for Job & Employment Camp

As competitive rate sharply increases, there are many programs to increase the percentage of employment such as employment camp or special lecture for employment in a university. Usually the seniors attend this program but the juniors also need to attend this program. If you did not register for this courses, you must sit in that lecture. Besides the regular attendees, many students audit the class to grasp the situation on how the seniors prepare for the employment and what is needed for this. Also as you participate in this program, you can meet an applicant of your same field and make a group for study and an exchange for information with an applicant of your field.

(4) To make Your Own Portfolio

It is important to make a portfolio in your own way during the campus life. Well organized portfolio can confirm your campus life is worth attention without making a long-winded explanation. The following is tips for a good portfolio.

1. Arrange powerful 6 works in the former.
2. After you make a target, choose the works
3. Show off your whole career unsparingly.
4. Select the best kind of works.
5. Having consistence and unity in arrang-
ing a variety of works.
6. You must make this as if you were those
who read this.
7. Agree the formality and the content.

Chanllenge the world! 5th university student global frontier. 2009 the global frontier is an expedition program to look into the world culture, technique and history. This program seeks to make a man of ability grow as a global leader.

-Application Qualification -

- the domestic university, and a domestic graduate student. a student on leave of absence can also apply for the frontier.
People who do not have reasons for disqualification.
- more than 3 people in a team(The members of team have nothing to do with university or department)
- People who do not have reasons for disqualification, especially for travel abroad.

- Topic of Expedition -
Through the expedition activity, it must be a creative topic to stand on tiptoe into the global leader in the future. When plagiarizing somebody else´s expedition plan, a team captain of the team will have to assume the responsibility for it, to protect individual and company intellectual properties. Also selection of the team and awarding a prize can be cancelled.

- Period & Region -
Period : Self-regulatory decision during from December 15, 2009 to January 31, 2010
Region : You can go to every country but you can not go to four countries which are prohibited to enter by Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade .

- Privilege for Frontier -
The total 15 teams are given support fund for five-million won for each team. The excellent team is given a prize for report or presentation about the result of the expedition.

frontier award: one team(certificate of merit and additional prize one million won)
good grades award: one team(certificate of merit and additional prize 50thousand won)
participation award: two teams(certificate of merit and additional prize 30thousand won)
Communication award : one team(certificate of merit and additional prize 30thousand won)

Ock Jin-Young  merrong86@changwon.ac.kr

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