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People’s Dreams Come True in Audition Programs

Do you know American Idol? Or have you heard about The X Factor? These are audition programs in other countries. Many people compete in those programs because of their dreams and passion. These kinds of programs are not only for singers, but also cooks, people on diets, interior designers, actors or actresses, models and so on. Everyone has a different story and wants to become the best with the skills they have. So there is a growing tendency that people compete in the TV programs. The TV audience is also wildly excited about these programs while not being contestants themselves.

First, singing talent programs are popular among the other parts. I am often surprised that there are many people who are good at singing. Some participants sincerely hope that they will become a star through these programs. Kelly Clarkson is a typical example. Others want to get a prize using their abilities. Various panels of judges are also interesting to see for contestants and viewers as well. A famous composer, a competent group of singers, and experts in the world of music production are often judges for these programs. These panels just listen to competitors’ songs and comment how they feel considering lots of things including stage presence and character. These programs connect TV viewers and competitors through the vehicle of music.

Many diet programs are popular, too. Especially people who eat fast food or have irregular life styles, so they become fat. Survival diet programs came into being because overweight people need to shed pounds to be accepted in today’s society. The way you look is important and it only stands to reason that a program devoted to seeing these people lose the weight is popular. A lot of challengers tell their stories and are trained cruelly. The last challenger standing loses weight and obtains a good amount of money.

Many people share their feelings, ardor, and dreams through these audition programs. TV viewers make sure that they also can achieve their aims by doing the best they can. So programs give a more message to be a person who is hero in his or her life than just showing a conception of competition.

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