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Stop Firearm Incidents
According to AFP, a firearm incident occurred at a high school in Jacksonville, Florida in the USA, and two people died on March 7th of this year. The police conveyed that the person responsible for the shooting was a male Spanish teacher. They supposed that he committed the crime in a rage because he was fired that morning. He went to the principal’s office hiding a rifle in a guitar case. He then shot the principal several times, killing him. The perpetrator then killed himself. The police arrived at the very spot where the accident took place at about 1p.m., but two people were already dead. The rest of people in school were safe and sound. The principal who was killed had worked at that school for 34 years. School said that they grieve for him, and they have a favor to give him console and pray.
One student fired at random causing 5 casualties at a high school in Ohio in America. According to a local newspaper, a student went on a shooting spree at about 10 am in the cafeteria of the school. One student died and four were injured in the incident. After the shooting, teachers removed the boy from the school, and the police arrested him. The motive for the crime was said to be connected to animosity between school cliques. Some witnesses told authorities that he aimed at particular students. Prior to this, two students who were ostracized by other students shot in revenge in Texas and Washington. American society, which is pushing ahead with new remedies for the prevention of school shootings, was shocked by these events. Attention of schools and students is needed to prevent events like this, as the social concern is enormous.

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