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What is 'Influenza A virus subtype H1N1'Tips | Guide for Foregin Students and Freshmen

New type of influenza drive into a terrible fear around the whole world.
On 13th April, in Mexico, occurred first infector. After that, influenza has spreaded into the whole world. News that one of infectors is dead terrorize influenza’s infection. In fact, influenza isn’t unique and strange disease. Most people experience influenza, most of whom recovered their health without *sequela. ‘Influenza A virus subtype H1N1’ is a new type influenza ever found out. But a case that same influenza’s prevalence each year happened a little. In fall, doctors recommend influenza vaccination every year although people who had vaccination last year. Other vaccines continue their preventing effect. The problem is not vaccine’s effect, but the fact different types of influenza occur each year. Influenza symptoms, including high fever and rigor, cough and sore throat, headache and muscular pain are same but virus causing pain are different each year. So vaccine against influenza must be changed.

Influenza causing huge disaster
Although influenza isn’t a new disease for human race, why are people afraid of ‘Influenza A virus subtype H1N1’? The reason is that sometimes influenza virus attacks human race with awfully toxicity. In 1918, spanish influenza is known for killing more than 20million people in the whole world. And a million people were dead by asia influenza in 1957, 10 thousand people dead because of Hongkong influenza. So, there could be an assumption that influenza virus has gain more hard toxicity for the last 10~40years.
People worry if ‘Influenza A virus H1N1’ occurred in the period of hard toxicity or not. Recently, some experts said that ‘Influenza A virus H1N1’ lose it’s *virulence like other influenza because ‘Influenza A virus H1N1’ is not as fatal as people thought. But it isn’t a step to safety. Year of 2009 is 40 years after Hongkong influenza. Especially, ‘Influenza A virus subtype H1N1’ is similar to spanish influenza’s virus type ‘H1N1’, and it is a type of mutation virus that fused 4 types of virus.

‘Influenza A virus subtype H1N1’ not likely to become a big disaster
Experts said that cautious of preventing ‘Influenza A virus H1N1’ is essential but not likely to become a second disaster which will cause million peoples to be dead. Human race found a way to fight against virus by having solved virus’s secret. Tamiflu, well known for *pathogenic avian influenza drug, protects spread of influenza virus through effect of neutralizing Hemagglutinin and neuraminidase which are protein folk ; (bore human cells). Tamiflu, attacking H and N, has effect not only on ‘pathogenic avian influenza’ but also on ‘Influenza A virus H1N1’. Tamiflu doesn’t rescue infected cell. Because tamiflue preventf virus’s protein folk from infiltrating to host cell, it doesn’t kill virus. So, at the early stage of infection, tamiflu is very effective when infector has few infected cells, but tamiflu effect will reduce when infector has already infected many cells. Though Tamiful is very effective drug for ‘Influenza A virus H1N1’. many patients in Mexico are dead just because they missed the proper time to treat. That case tells us ‘prevent is the best vaccine.’

Prevention rules for ‘Influenza A virus subtype H1N1’
First, wash your hands frequently,
avoid touch your eyes, nose, mouth.
- when you come back to your
home, wash your hands after
touching your mouth and nose
- when washing your hands, do it
in running water with soap,
more than 20seconds .
Second, when you sneeze or cough,
cover your mouth and nose with tis
- without tissue, use your sleeve
- use a mask, when you have often
- change air with the window open
Third, If you get acute form of the res
piratory organs disease in a week after
visiting a country where influenza
happened, you should report public
health center and they check up your
acute form of the respiratory organs disease : more than 37.8°… fever with throat pain, cough or congestion.
‘Influenza A virus subtype H1N1’ vaccine available in base hospital and drug store.
The Ministry of Health and Welfare appointed base hospitals and drug stores for ‘Influenza A virus H1N1’ treatment. In Gyung-nam 70 basements were appointed on 21th Agust. Process of drug prescription is that first, you should receive medical examination and get medical prescription, and then go to the base drug store, and you can get vaccine.
A pregnant woman, a baby under 59 month, and inflammation of the lungs patient on doctor’s view and dangerous people to influenza are eligible to receive a vaccine for free by government. Just pay fee of treatment and prescribe like normal treatment.

Base Hospital

1. Fatima hospital
in Myeongseo-dong 055)270-1000
2. Changwon hospital
in Jungang-dong 055)282-5111
3. Hanmaum hospital
in Sangnam-dong 055)267-2000

4. Masan medical center
in Jungang-dong 055)246-1071
5. Masan samsung hospital
in Hapseong-dong 055)298-1100
6. Masan centerm hospital
in Haeun-dong 055)222-9600
7. Masan yeunse hospital
in Wollam-dong 055)243-0100
8. Chuk-choo hospital
in Jungang-dong 055)223-9000
9. Eastern Masan hospital
in Seokjeon-dong 055)290-5172

Base drugstore
in Changwon and Masan
1. Jung-ang drugstore 055)252-2638
2. 365 drugstore 055)291-0365
3. Jangsu drugstore 055)224-3500

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