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Hope for Improvement of General StudyI hope

by Hwang Sung-Ju
Dept. of Tax Management

I entered general study that was established newly at 2009. At first meeting, An orientation. CWNU said, They expected much more. They explained general study, and praised general study. But now, I regret that I entered general study. This think is not only mine, but everybody in general study students. At first, General study in CWNU does not have a professor responsible person in charge. We had to solve some works ourself. We couldn't attend Bong-Rim Festival and Athletic Festival. Athletic Festival has a preliminary match. The general study isn't in collage. We were not attend a preliminary match, so we also didn't attend the final round. We wanted to join Athletic Festival. But we couldn't. Also we didn't take our seat.

So we mixed with another school course. We weren't interest in school's festival.
The general study's room is in Bongrim Student Hall. But we can't use there regularly. Next to the school course's room, there is a school superintendent's room. And he prefers silent. When we rest or play in room over 2 members, he always hate and sturns out us. So we thought that the school course's room is always silent. But we entered a school of higher grade, I have a chance to go to the Dept. of taxation business. There is so fantastic, so generous. I was amazing. And I envious them that don't hae to study the pleasure of a person in school course's room.

I had a good time a year with friends. Last year, I'm not regret that I entered general study. However, when I enter a school of higher grade dept. of taxation business, I feel that it is extremely a mistake in my life to enter general study. Professors are not acceptable general study. school hours, professor told that general study has many problems. School course's values go down because of general study. After, dept of taxation business's the percentage of employment. Even, he want to demonstrate against the school a joke.

We have not a sense of belonging. If my sister enter general study, I will oppose strongly. I'm not informed about another school's general study, I experienced the worst general study.

Hwang Sung-Ju  -

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