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Thanks to My UniversityI hope

by Ahn Yu-Jin
Dept. of English Language & Literature

Lucky for me, I had great chances to participate in 2 international programs by school in the last winter vacation.
One was traveling around eastern of U.S.A. , and the other thing was studying in Hawai'l university with support from my school.
Although I had looked forward to going there for a long time, I didn't imagine it would come true. It was like a great gift I never expected.

I got various experiences in the mainland, and one good thing I learned is knowing why people call U.S.A. the world's sole superpower.
It was, I think, more powerful than literal meaning of the word. Another special one is that I met Noam Chomsky, who is the most famed linguist, and took pictures together at M.I.T in Boston. It was such a honorable moment.

Anyway, after getting back to Korea, 2 days later, I left for Hawai', which was the second place to visit. When it comes to Hawai'l, it occurs to me that It's one of the most beautiful islands people have always dreamed to visit. Hawai'l is regarded as a byword for PARADISE as tourist bureaus and media constantly remind us.

Because of the picturesque surroundings, I had thought that I would spend much time on sightseeing ,not just studying, and might be getting worse at English. But it was NOT. I think the program organized by school was combined with both of them well.

As The program provided a friendly environment in which students practice, improve, and learn to enjoy English in addition to an exciting program of cultural and outdoor activities, I could study English more effectively and also get to know Hawaii's multi-cultural society through them.

Time went fast. It was a short term, but I made good memories as a student. I appreciate my school letting me visit there, learn many things, and make precious memories in USA. Especially, I also want to express my thanks to my friends who stayed together, professors, and the other people involved in the programs. Thanks a lot.

Ahn Yu-Jin  -

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