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How much of an adult are you?
  • Kim Tae-mi, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.06.03 11:27
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At any one survey Researchers asked to students if they think they are adults. A whopping 68.7% of the students responded that they are not yet an adult. So we had a survey to see how CWNU students think about this.

First, we asked whether the students think that they are now adults. 35.4% of students answered Yes and 64.6% answered No. This is less than one results of the survey, but still shows that the majority of students do not think that they are adults.

Next, we asked why they think so if they answered No to see why they do not think that they are an adult. For that reason, 45.5% of students that answered No responded that they are still in the process of being an adult and 54.5% of them replied that it is because they did not meet any standards that can be referred to as adults they think.

So what are the conditions that can be called a true adult students think? For here we had a question. As a condition personal maturity is most common with 61.2% and economic capacity is the next with 18.4%. In addition, independence from parents accounts for 12.2% and Legal recognition is 6.1%, 2% of the students answered the other.

We also asked if CWNU students have the expectations of becoming an adult. Student who answered that there was anticipation before but now it disappeared was the most common with 42.9%. 26.5% of students answered that they have expectation and 30.6% of the students responded that there is no anticipation. A whopping 73.5% of the student answered to this question was the state that did not have the expectation of becoming an adult.

Finally, we asked what the word comes to mind when you think adults to find out the perception of the adult of CWNU students. The "responsible" is absolutely common with 63.3% and 'mature' is 22.4%

In addition to the 'professional' is 8.2%, 'free' accounts for 6.1%.

Through the results of this survey you can try to guess because of the heavy responsibility as an adult and a busy college life students vanished expectations of being an adult and they now think they are not adults because few have the opportunity to achieve personal maturity that is condition of becoming real adults.

Kim Tae-mi, cub-reporter  taemi1008@daum.net

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