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College life satisfaction of CWNU students
  • Kim Tae-mi, cub-reporter
  • 승인 2016.05.18 13:40
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▲Are you satisfied with your college life?

▲Did you voluntarily go to CWNU?

▲Why did you come to CWNU?

▲Does the content of your major accord with what you hoped?

▲Have you ever thought of changing your major or repeating the university entrance exam?

▲What is the reason?

After university life started, a month has already passed and the midterm period has come. March, which was busy, has gone and now freshmen and returning students may be well-adapted to college life. So, how do students think about their college life?

We asked whether students are satisfied with their college life. “It’s a little different from what l thought,” is the most common with 62.5% and “Quite different from what I thought” is 12.5%. Students who replied that it is the college life they wanted account for only 25%. This shows that satisfaction of students about college life is low. We asked the following questions to find out why you are not satisfied in college life.

First, we asked whether they voluntarily come to CWNU. 50% of students answered Yes, 29.2% of students inevitably come to CWNU, and 16.7% answered No. We investigated why students come to CWNU if they didn’t want to come. 50% of students came according to their grade. 35.7% entered CWNU because of advice of an acquaintance and 14.3% came because of cheap tuition.

Secondly, we asked whether majorscontent is consistent with study that students had hoped. 50% of students replied that they match. 45.8% answered that it is different from their expectations. In addition, 4.2% of students answered that lesson contents are not satisfactory.

From these questions, we can find out that although there are many students who voluntarily applied to CWNU, students don’t feel satisfied with the school because their major content is different from what they want to study and CWNU is not where they wanted to enter.

Also, we asked whether students had ever thought of changing their major or repeating the university entrance exam to know why they are dissatisfied with college life to some degree. 62.5% of respondents haven’t thought about it. 20.8% of students thought about it and surprisingly 16.7% are now thinking about changing majors or repeating the university entrance exam. So we asked what made you think that. 45.5% of respondents want to learn another field. Likewise 45.5% don’t meet the university now, and 9.1% of students are not fit to their aptitude.

Through this survey, the satisfaction of CWNU students about college life turned out to be low. Also we could find out the reason of this result but actually these problems are problems that all college students have, not only CWNU students. It is necessary to improve the low satisfaction for the fun life of college students.

Kim Tae-mi, cub-reporter  taemi1008@daum.net

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