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What do you think about Internet lectures
  • Seo Su-jin,reporter
  • 승인 2016.05.09 11:25
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While there is much convenience in taking Internet lectures, such as being able to take a class at home, we can easily find some missing the midterm or final exams due to the difficulties of speedy delivery. Therefore, let us look into the idea of CWNU students’ Internet lectures. We conducted a survey of 83 CWNU students. The survey is made up of 5 questions.

For the first question, “How much do you prefer to take Internet lectures?” 32 students (37.2%) answered “not much but not less”. “I don’t prefer”, “I strongly prefer”, and “I definitely do not prefer” were other responses. We can see more than half of students (67.4%) do not hesitate to take Internet lectures.

The second question was “How many Internet lectures do you take in a semester?” 35 students (40.7%) answered “It depends on each semester” and 21 students (24.4%) answered “I try to take at least one”. 19 students (24.1%) said they try to take as many as possible. We can say that the ones who try to take as many as possible have a high preference. At the first question asking the preference of Internet lectures, about less than 10 students responded that they do prefer.

The number of students who try to take as many as possible is double the number of people who have a high preference. It means that though not very high preference, they take many internet lectures due to following advantages.

According to the third question, “the reason you took or take internet lectures/ What’re the advantages of internet lectures?”, 63 students (73.3%) responded “to manage time usefully”.

In addition, we asked the disadvantages. 52 students (60.5%) answered “it is hard to focus on the class and it’s boring”. 12 students (14%) chose “hard to receive a rapid”, 11 students (12.8%) “burden to take charged lectures”, 10 students (11.6%) said “restraints of time and space”.

Last but not least, to the question, “Will you take them in future semesters?” 66 students (76.7%) responded Yes and 20 students (23.3%) said No.

Most students took them to manage their time wisely but a similar number of students said it was boring and it was hard to concentrate. Students would be better to explore more because Internet lectures are not face-to-face. In addition, not taking exams and submitting assignments causes critical deductions, so it pays to pay attention.

Seo Su-jin,reporter  cg0314@naver.com

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