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Once again we find ourselves in the Final Exams Season. It comes as no shock that there will be many students wanting to kill themselves - looking to commit suicide and end the misery of being a student. The university has recently decided to facilitate this transition period. It has chosen to employ the services of “Bon Voyage Caterers.”

Owner Song, Su-In, describes her services as a way to ease the transition from life to death. “We organize a ‘final supper’ party, if you will. It’s a chance for those people who have decided to end their miserable existence here on earth to get together with family and friends and properly say their goodbyes.” When asked whether her services could be seen as a tacit promotion of suicide, Ms. Kim responded, “Certainly not. We see this as an opportunity for some to get their affairs in order. It gives them a chance to tell their significant others where all the secret banks accounts and investments are. Why should suicide be such a lonely and stressful event? We want to help people who are going through this truly life-changing decision.”

But more importantly we work to serve the families and friends who are left behind. Too often the attention is placed on the dearly departed, without much consideration to those left behind. We tend to overlook the agonies the survivors must go through, the pain of loss, the guilt that they should have done something to prevent the catastrophe, the sense of anger.

Indeed, the soon-to-be-deceased are encouraged to voice their reasons for leaving, describe their agonies, and resolve any bad feelings that may be harbored. However, despite the tense feeling that would naturally come from such a decision, Ms. Kim stresses the number one rule in these Suicide Parties is that the invitees are NOT allowed to stage any kind of intervention or try to dissuade him from his course of action. “Simply put, the decision has been made and must be respected. The main focus is to say goodbye, and to leave things on the most favorable terms possible.”

University students will receive a 15% discount for “Bon Voyage Caterers”. Take that with a grain of salt.

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