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WTF?A Grain of Salt

I have been living and working here in Korea now for several years. As much as has been a love/hate relationship so far, there are still a few things I am having a hard to understand.

1.Fingernails - What’s up with the way women paint their fingernail? I would occasionally look down on a woman’s hand and notice only two or three fingernails painted in one color or design. All five fingers would not be uniformly painted or designed. I’m finding it hard to come up with some possible reason why you just would not paint all ten fingernails the same way, or if you weren’t happy with the
color, why not remove it? It’s almost as if you suddenly ran out of polish, or a bus suddenly crash through the salon and prevented you from finishing the task at hand.

2.Multiple birthdays - What’s up with this “I am 24 years old in Western age, and 25 in Korean age.”? How many birthdays do you get every year here in Korea? I am still trying to figure the logic of having TWO ages. From what I am able to piece together, it seems to have something to do with the fact that Koreans follow two calendars, the western and the Chinese calendars. Well, you do realize that the movie “2012” has presented the idea that there is a Mayan calendar as well. So using this logic, does this mean we all can celebrate THREE birthdays every year? Boy, I can really go to town cleaning up all those birthday presents.

3.Fusion food/spaghetti-pizza - News flash, Korea: Italy is seriously thinking about invading this country because you are screwing around with its food. Korea puts some of the strangest things on its pizza and in its spaghetti. Excuse me, you will hardly find any restaurants in Italy serving a pizza with shrimp or potatoes or even yams. And what’s with all those strange sauces zig-zagging all over the

The other day I order a pizza and they delivered a pizza-supreme with a whole watermelon sitting on top. It was a summer-time theme pizza.
Certainly this is not a complete list. It’s not to complain, just simple observations. Take that with a grain of salt.

‘Stanford Wells’ is a name as a writer not real name.

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