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The Worst Drivers in the World?A Grain of Salt

What is up with Korean drivers? I am one to really hate stereotypes and prejudices. I’m perhaps one of the most open-minded persons in the world. But this is one stereotype I’m apt to get on board with. Koreans drivers are the worst. This is not to say they are bad drivers. In fact, there does seem to be a reasoning to their madness. It’s just that I have yet to figure it out. I am still trying to figure out why drivers feel they can park just about anywhere they find a little bit of open space. One day I was about to cross a street (coincidentally, where I was SUPPOSED to cross) and some schmuck pulls up and parks his car smack-dab in the middle of the crosswalk. I bet he was so happy to find a free spot.

I’ve seen parked cars up on sidewalks, lawns, in front of doorways, and at the most inexplicable angles you could imagine. My understanding of “parallel parking” is that the vehicle is parallel to the side-walk; NOT perpendicular to it. Also, you’ll see so many times people parking right in front of a bus stop. Of course, they do it because it’s open space. I would love to see a massive bus barrel down on an improperly parked car.

Just flatten it like a pancake. People also end up driving just about anyways beside where they should drive. Hey, Korea, do you realize there is a general purpose to those traffic lights and lines painted on the street? Here’s what I want to try someday, see if it flies here. I’d love to drive a Mini into a shopping mall, into a bathroom, drop trow, hang my butt out the door, and take a vicious dump. See it anyone objects to the car. However, like I said, I am loath to say Koreans are bad drivers. If anything, I have to admit they are pretty good drivers. You take a good look at any parking lot and you soon realize that most car have never been in an accident. I have not seen many fender-benders or pedestrians being struck. It’s very confusing - Are Koreans good drivers, or terrible drivers. Please consider this with a grain of salt.

‘Stanford Wells’ is a name as a writer not real name.

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