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Condoms: what do you think about them?

On October 3rd, the vice president of Doosan Group, Park Seo-won gave a lecture on the theme of “this idea, that idea” in the Challenge and Create class. Park develops a new market with condoms called "The Good Think” for right sex life and changes in the recognition of condoms. Check the high abortion rates and lots of surveys, showing that many people think of condoms as a shameful and embarrassing that. Then what do you think about condoms? Do you just think that they are shameful, nasty, and abnormal? Or does they represent safety and are necessary for a healthy sex life? I wonder what CWNU students think and know about condoms.

How much do you know about condoms? Did you know that condoms are sold in convenience stores and pharmacies and people of all ages can buy them? Moreover, did you know that their shelf life is five years? Old condoms can be torn during sex. Most people will not know exactly if that happens. The average number of Koreans’ sexual relations is 63 times, which is one of the lowest in the world. Despite the number of sexual relations being the lowest in the world, Korea has the highest abortion level and the lowest condom usage of OECD countries. What's worse is that teenage pregnancy rate is 24% of 352 teenagers according to research material of Ministry of Gender Equality and Family in 2012. These indicators mean that there is not any good sex education in Korea. Of course Korean society is still conservative. However, sex is related to life and positively necessary to our society. Therefore we need to think seriously and be educated about abortion, sex, and condoms.

Seo Seong-il  msjwk9497@naver.com

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