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Exams Are Not Just Tools for Ranking Students

‘College students do not study but always play or do other things,’ has become an old saying. Recent graduates are having a hard time getting jobs so they are trying to get good scores and become more qualified. That’s why professors make harder exams than they used to and they have to sort out the best from the worst. For this sorting, professors use exams a tool. Perhaps this is the natural result of the ‘rat race.’ However, the crucial point is that exams are used more to rank students. The original purpose of examinations was to determine how much students understand about what they learned and distinguish what they know and don’t know. According the results of the exam, professors sometimes modify their lectures or provide supplementary explanations for students. Also, students are motivated their test results. This is the normal effects of finishing exams but most colleges don’t do it this way, including CWNU. In other words, feedback disappears. Students don’t have any opportunities to consider which questions they missed or why they missed them. This makes exams meaninglessness.

Most students are reluctant to ask professors about their scores because it doesn't seem acceptable. They fear that professors will think they're only concerned with grades. Professors should not reject students who want to know about their exam results. Students don't visit with any intention to blame the teacher or complain about bad results, they just want to know their results to evaluate their efforts. Don't look at them with scorn. Also, students shouldn't be frightened to inquire about scores. Professors may be pleased to see your passion and care. Confidently, knock on the professor's door.

By Jo Yu-na, reporter

Jo Yu-Na  -

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