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Isn't she lovely?

When I was around 15, my hobby was listening to pop music. I mainly used to listen to Maroon 5 or Bruno Mars’ music by chance. One day, I heard Isn’t She Lovely? on a TV show. At that time, I was a beginner at English, but I could know that the song was very melodious and had beautiful lyrics. The singer of this song was a premature infant and also blind. He is Stevie Wonder. He didn’t know that he was good but only knew he had good hearing. With his strong self-confidence, he started making music. Some years later, he had a daughter. Of course, he wanted to see his daughter, even just once, so he decided to have eye surgery although it posed a great risk to his nerves. Nevertheless, he couldn’t have the surgery and is still blind. However he looked at his daughter and said, “I see you. What a pretty girl, my daughter!” Isn’t She Lovely? is a memory for that moment with his daughter. At first, I thought that this song was simply a couple’s love song. However after knowing the story, I feel a father’s love to his daughter and it’s heartwarming. For this reason, I listen to this song to cheer me up when I feel bad, and this song still remains my favorite song.

Song J Y (Dept. of International Trade)

Song J.Y  -

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