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Study for New Ideas
  • Zeeshan Ure Rehman
  • 승인 2015.05.26 18:35
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An idea is a thought or collection of thoughts that generate in the mind. It creates intentionally or sometimes without intent. Idea when matures and verified become discovery. As the world develops it demands more and more significant ideas. All the achievements and developments in our surrounding are the result of Hardwork and great ideas. Throughout the ages men has come across some very rewarding and noble ideas. These ideas flourished the world in the field of physics, chemistry, mathimatics, Medicins, telecom and every life related filed. Imagine for a while, if the faraday didn’t advance his idea of electricity, wright brothers didn’t moved the idea of flying in the air, Karl Koller didn’t not propose his idea of anaesthesia how the painful world would be for us today! So all these comforts in our lives reached to us after rigorous thinking and hardwork. But this is not the end, there are a lot of problems in the world which need unique ideas to be solved, there are lot of comforts and reliefs which are still waiting to be realized. These all need rigorous thinking and hard work. In the past great thinkers and philosopher had to spent most of their time in isolation to keep their attention focused on their goal. There was no appropriate literature compilation to help them; instead they crated great ideas to serve the world.

The world of today has appreciable amount of literature, effective study environment, Hard and soft book libraries, online groups for problem discussion, the only thing needed is to think openly and devote oneself for new ideas which can benefit the humanity. Everyone can come up with fresh, radical ideas. You just need to learn to open your mind and think differently. Believe that you are creative; believe that ideas will come to you.

Zeeshan Ure Rehman  -

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