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Spend a well-filled university life
  • Kim Ji-hyun,Cho Young-kwon
  • 승인 2015.05.11 20:42
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We went through competitive examinations to enter University for 12 years from elementary school to high school. We haven’t spent enough time on thinking about our true way of things. “Why should I study in University? What do I really want from this?” I’m sure we university students are in the best point in our lives. How can we spend a well-filled university life?

First, 'Make Mentors'. Look around you. One of your friends, professors, or seniors could be a good mentor. The more mentors you have, the wider your thinking is. Joining clubs and participating in contests are good ways to find mentors.

Second, 'Apply to internships'. Many professors hope to add internships for their students as yet another corporate culture. These days, a lot of companies have their own internship system to dig out participants' hidden talents. It’s a good opportunity to discover your talents and weaknesses through internships.

Third, 'Look out the window'. I recommend you to look out the window. There are many universities in the world. If you want to study your major deeply, go study abroad. There are many chances to experience and apply to. Twice a year, there are notices on Waggle for CWNU students to study abroad in at least 5 different countries.

By Cho Young-kwon (Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry & Health Science)

I am a sophomore in CWNU. I would like to talk about how to enjoy college life profitably and want to emphasize 3 things.

First, ‘Study’. The ultimate goal in university is to learn and study. In Korea, college grades determine job and salary and a graduate’s first job often becomes permanent. Therefore, love your major and study so you won’t regret it later.

Second, ‘Go traveling’. There is no time to travel when you get a job so do it now! Even though you go to the same places, you can learn and feel different things depending when you go.

Third, ‘Love somebody’. You feel different emotions when you love someone who is more than a friend. You can be more mature when you love, fight and break up.

There are many ways to enjoy your college life but I want to say these 3 things to you.

Kim Ji-hyun (Dept. of Nursing)

Kim Ji-hyun,Cho Young-kwon  -

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