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The innocent PhD Student
  • Zeeshan Ure Rehman
  • 승인 2015.04.13 19:38
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Sometime poor people eagerly want to buy some branded items, good food, Hi-Fi car and enjoy fancy styles. But lack of money doesn’t provide such a luxury in life to them. PhD student are somehow same to these poor people, but their poverty is time. Every time they don’t have time to spend some of it with friends, family, to go for a weak picnic, to participate in school activities, and so on.

The first Half of a Ph.D. student is the only priority to help out on projects where somebody else has a huge incentive to publish. Who has a huge incentive? Professors who are fighting for new goals, postdocs who are competing to get faculty jobs and senior Ph.D. students who need to publish in order to graduate. For this a PhD student has to pass through several traumas including Literature Survey, Full brain thinking, Daily goals, Cleaning Experimental machines, Apparatus training, preparing subject presentations, going to classes, long hours study and so many good and bad. Sometime He also thinks to be married but he forgets the idea very soon because of bundle of work.

After two years in PhD study, life became little easy, Experiments, Presentation, assignments turned into an easy habit , but now another big surprise every time knocking the mind. And that is when to be PhD Doctor! Hence again unwantedly one want to work and study tightly to accomplish the goal. So writing papers in international journals, carrying out successful experiments, planning for thesis, all of these are time arresting elements. Going hand in hand with time, one day thesis defence arrives. The feelings before defence in very painful, but after thesis submission feelings and Pleasure are just like an emperor. With PhD completion the excitement and happiness scores its peak. Jobs, Marriage, Time and every wished target seem accessible.

Someone said correctly that PhD program is like a marathon it should be last very restfully. Depriving yourself of social life at any point may be productive temporarily but this will hurtful in long run. Relationship with friends, going for outing with friends, giving time to family must not be forgotten. The university and the related department should also be very anxious of these innocents. Several Healthy plans can be arranged for them like, pleasant trips, get together parties, proper dormitory facilities, counselling and sports activities. This will help the PhDs to be socially active and live a dynamic life.

Zeeshan Ure Rehman  -

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