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The Sex Culture in KoreaI hope

by Yoo Sang-Jo
Dept.of Information & Communication Engineerin

Korean Society is well known for its conservative attitude toward sex historically, and it has made Koreans suppress their natural desires toward sex, while being generous to men.

The matter was because of Confucianism, which was introduced as a guidance of public thoughts and behavior in the middle ages of Korean history. People have become active against their own sexual issues and express their opinions straightforwardly over the internet.

However, the changes were too rapid, and the side effects have emerged throughout Korea. In this changing society, it seems to be hard to change one’s perception to keep up with the latest sex trends. Elders may say it is too corruptive: going to clubs to have sex with somebody, having sex for the first time sooner after the first meeting, and living together around university towns. The double standard from the old custom is also a part of it.

A man who has sex with many women is regarded as a capable person, while a girl who has sex with many guys is considered a Whore. These kinds of prejudices and the idea from the old Korean culture, which stressed women’s virginity, have made women vulnerable to sexual violence by making them conceal the truth from others. In the mean time, the governments and education institutions have sought various ways to build up the healthy sex culture to children and the public, in order to amend distorted thoughts against sex. They concluded sex education would be the best solution, but it has not worked as well as they expected.

I’m telling all of you this is where we are. Even though many people say the sex culture has improved with its maturity, I can’t find anything better than before except a few things like improved women’s rights and activism against sexual exploitation. In most case, it’s getting worse day by day like the recently committed sex crime, called “Na-young’s case,” which is raising self ? criticism within Korean society.

Many insist that we need to focus on sex education and the Anti Sex-Trafficking Law, which would keep social order; however, we need to expand to more fundamental solutions, not just regulations which made our country known as “the Korean wave in sex trafficking.” On the basis of mutual understanding, we need to have an open mind, in order to get away from our traditional and conservative point of view and double standard toward sex. All of us have to try to understand the opposite sex sincerely, to love, and respect one another.

Yoo Sang-Jo  -

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