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Should Gold Medalists Receive Special Benefits at Asian Games?

An Asian game gold medalist can be exempt from military service and receive prize money. However, I think that all of the Asian game medalists should be exempt from military service regardless of the color of the medal. Usually, an athlete is in his best condition during his 20s due to the nature of his job. During these years, it can be said that serving in the military for 2 years is relatively long. So, only the truly good athletes will be able to compete to the highest standard after they have fulfilled their national duty of military service.

Na Ji-wan, a baseball player, participated in the Asian games although he was injured, he was present in the national team because this is a way of being exempt. This is not acceptable. I think that the military exemption should be generously applied to athletes.

Military exemption isn’t the only incentive that can be given to athletes if they do well. Other options could be donations or sponsorship money. I hope that people think generously about the national team who brought great honor to our country.

By Park Hea-cheol,

Department of Journalism & Mass communication

In Korea, every male is obligated to perform military service, except for the handicapped, unlike other countries. But there is an exception. Gold medal athletes in international competitions are exempt from military service. Recently, some athletes received military service exemptions because the Korean baseball team won. Many stories are spreading about military service benefits at the Asian Games. Some people that are in favor of the military exemption say that the exemption from military service is fair compensation for athletes preparing for the Asian Games. I am opposed to giving special benefits to reward gold medalists at the Asian Games. Should we say that non-medalists didn’t do their best? I think it’s absurd. We shouldn’t determine an athlete’s effort by medals. It is unfair to give athletes special benefits on the basis that they enhance the status of a country in an international arena. It is possible for those in other fields to improve our country's status, as well. In this controversial issue, we need to draw up fair, alternative measures that don’t give special benefits to gold medalists.

by Ryu sae-bin

Dept. of Nursing

Jung Hye-jung  -

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