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Child Life and ComputerI hope

by Yoo Sang-Jo
Dept.of Information & Communication Engineering

Computers and Internet have dramatically changed our lives within just a decade. We can do almost everything at home like emailing, checking news, banking, enjoying entertainment, and even shopping. People couldn’t dream doing this online twenty years ago. In reality, computer and Internet are already filtered deeply into human lives. Our society seems to endeavor to seek its role itself. According to Indiamchild.com, a web site dedicated to children’s education, many parents are buying educational computer games. The children are learning elementary concepts with computers through educational games instead of real materials like illustrated books. When asked what she considered computers and children’s education Bonne Sbaiti, a 63 year-old ESOL instructor in Brookhaven College said, Computers have the advantage of encouraging their active participation rather than only passive listening. Children are not missing out on interpersonal relationships because of the many ways they stay in contact with one another over the Internet.Yet, the main concern, which is finding the most useful role for the development of young children, still remains. Absolutely, this role should be carefully considered, as computers could be misused and cannot be a substitute for the °∞real thing, such as senses, nature, friendship, conscience, self-power, and so on.

As we can see ourselves living in exponentially changing society. As much as computers have offered substantial benefits to humans, it has also demanded parents to change their traditional parenting point of view. Used at the proper age and way, it is an amazing thing that every child deserves to have, but just all we need the balance between its useful things and the real things.

Yoo Sang-Jo  -

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