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What Do You Think About The Ice Bucket Challenge?

Recently, we have seen not only entertainers, but also the general public join in the ice bucket challenge. However, as the campaign gets bigger, it seems that people are being forced to participate. When someone is nominated, he or she has only two choices, dump ice water on their head or donate 100 dollars within 24 hours. Then point out three famous people to draw public attention. In this way, the campaign spreads worldwide, while losing its original intention. One actor said, “Participants don’t have to be serious. It’s good to support ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) with positive energy and smiles.” Of course I agree with his opinion, but before dumping the ice water, you should remember the meaning of this campaign. It is better to mention the aim when you upload someone’s ice bucket challenge. I hope this campaign lasts long and helps create other charitable donations. Even if you were not nominated, we all know about ALS now. So, why don’t you contribute to a charity such as the Seung-il Hope Foundation? Our small act will be a great help to them.

by Jung Yoon woo, Department of Nursing

These days, the ice bucket challenge seems to be a growing trend worldwide. But some people look at this campaign negatively because of participants who use it for publicity purposes. No matter how they do the ice bucket challenge, the most important thing is its original purpose to help ALS patients. We do not need to discuss the pros and cons. We do not have to be sad or worried when we help others. People criticize celebrities who use ice bucket challenge to promote themselves, and attract public attention. But they enable many people to know about ALS, and raise large donations as a result. As with other events, the ice bucket challenge is beginning to wane. It has been a good opportunity to help patients suffering from rare disease. I hope the donations are used properly. There are two sides to everything. To avoid criticism, participants should be more serious and act according to their own beliefs, while viewers should be reminded of suffering ALS patients.

by Oh Chae won, Department of Microbiology

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