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What Do You Think About the ‘Online Shopping Bag’ System?

Starting this semester, students will use the ‘online shopping bag’ system when registering for courses. I think this system is great for CWNU students. There are three reasons.

First, I can plan my timetable easily by watching statistics that tell me how many students want to attend each lecture. I can then figure out whether it is possible to give up some lectures, and remake my timetable. Also, as a PC room computer is faster than my personal computer, I can use it to beat the competition.

Second, there is no need to click each category. When I click a particular button, I can choose whole lectures at a time.

Third, I can reduce risk. There are many classes that share the same name, but with different professors. This system removes this risk of clicking a wrong class.

However, there are some disadvantages. The period of using this system, and the number of users are limited. When CWNU fixes these problems, the online shopping bag system can be more useful for students.

by Lee Minji, Nursing Department

I think instituting the ‘Online Shopping Bag’ system for registering for courses is very innovative. Most students who have registered for courses have experienced inconveniences looking for courses they want to take. By instituting this system, they don’t need to waste their time looking for courses.

Briefly, there are 2 reasons.

First, students can make their timetable easily, without spending too much time.

Students can put courses in their ‘online shopping bag’ in advance. After that, they can complete their timetable with a few clicks. They don’t need to click each category.

Second, they can see which courses are already closed. This system lets them know which courses are open and which are closed. A closed course is marked ‘deadline’.

by Choi Hyunkyeong, Department of Biochemistry & Health Science

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