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What do you think about a security system of dormitory?
  • Jeong Won-kyeong
  • 승인 2014.05.26 17:53
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The buildings of CWNU dormitory consist of living halls, apartment-style buildings and the BTL building. As far as I know, there haven’t been any sexual assaults in the CWNU dormitory but recently some people who could cause problems have been spotted.

I think that the BTL building has a heavy security system. Unless a person has a swipe card, he or she can't pass the door, let alone the BTL entrance. However, sometimes there are times when security lax. An entrance door is opened at breakfast and lunch time, and when the inside of the building is being repaired. I think that it is dangerous to open the entrance door in repair time. At mealtimes, lots of students are passing by the entrance door. However, at repair times lots of students leave rooms to take classes. When there are few people, few security systems are working. I hope that the gate is closed when the building is repaired unless the entrance door needs to be repaired.

by Go A-ra

Department of Journalism

There are three levels of security. First, when I get in the building. Second, when I enter my house. Third, when I enter a room. The problem is that people don't lock the front doors. Although the first stage of security is compulsory, the second and third stages are not essential. People think the other stages are bothering them. Also, in my case, the front door is always open even at night.

I think the security system itself is well established but the fact that people are insensitive to safety is the problem. Many people don't lock their front doors because they think that, 'probably it will be all right'. Some students also bring friends who do not live in the dormitory which is another problem. In my opinion, tightening up the security system by increasing CCTV cameras and holding safety education classes for students living in the dormitory will help the situation.

by Je Da-hae

Department of Child & Family

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