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Why does CWNU do the Bongrim sports festival?

The Bongrim sports festival is an annual event at CWNU. Every major college can participate in it after they have held their department festival. The winning sport or event is then selected to be played at the Bongrim sports festival. Previously, about 30 departments participated in this festival. The Bongrim sports festival was held until 2011 and it disappeared because of agreements between students. I began university in 2013 so I have no experience of the Bongrim sports festival but I want to participate in it. Most students have their friends only in their department and it is difficult to make friends outside of the department. However, by holding the festival, many students can be friendly regardless of their department through doing diverse sports. But excessive competition among students can cause bad feelings amongst the participants. In addition, students of the department of physical education sweep all the games. The Bongrim sports festival has many problems that need to be improved.

by Ha soo jeong, business department 2nd grade

I don’t think Bongrim sports festival is a profitable event for students. I took part in student council inauguration ceremony and discovered that most students are not interested in the holding of the sports festival. Actually, lots of students don’t know about the festival. So they didn’t vote to decide whether or not there should be one but, this year, the Bongrim sports festival will happen. Although not all students take part in the festival, money from tuition fees is spent there but I think that it is not necessary to spend tuition money only on a few departments. Most students who participate in college sports festivals and the Bongrim sports festival are freshmen. So I don’t think that they can unite all students especially because the physical education students sometimes play unfairly. Rules for solving the problems are needed. Bongrim sports festival is a big event at CWNU. I think it can bring good result to students but it shouldn’t be a waste of money and time.

by Jeong eun Jeong computer science department 2nd grade

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