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Why do we take ‘Kkool Gang’ classes?/Preparation for better future

Why do we take ‘Kkool Gang’ classes?

KKool Gang’, is a type of class that students often take to get a good grade easily or where the contents of the class focuses on fun or exciting things. Fun times and grading are the standard when we enroll in these classes. There are many negative aspects.

Everybody wants to enroll in fun or exciting classes, the enrollment time reminds me of a war because the number of students a class can accommodate is limited, therefore it is difficult to enroll in classes that are called ‘Kkool Gang’. Students think the schedule can decide their quality of the life during the semester. Why do the students select fun, exciting classes or the classes where they can get a good grade easily? The answer is the grade can affect getting a job so the students want to get a good grade for their future. They don’t consider their interests. I think that this way of thinking is a bad phenomenon. On the other hand, sometimes the students have no choice when they think about and prepare for their study according our interests and not the grade.

by Kim do yoon, business department 2nd grade

Preparation for better future

Regardless of whether they have dreams or not, and what their dreams are, students study at CWNU or other universities. When I was a freshman, I found and read the class syllabus and I enrolled in the class I want to take. At the end of last semester I didn’t get a good grade in the class so this semester I have asked seniors and friends which class I should take to get a good grade. Getting better grades means having more opportunities in or out of university such as the internship program or getting a job. For example, if I want to get a job in a major company, getting good grades is a basic condition for passing the selection process and being interviewed.

Lots of students don’t concentrate fulliy in their classes because they are difficult or boring so they don’t learn useful life lessons that can help them in the future. I think this attitude is bad and, in my opinion, society has made the students think this way. If the school or company gives the chance to students regardless of the grade or they judge the students through more diverse ways, the culture of taking easy classes, only for the grades, will disappear.

by Park ji ha, international relation department, 2nd grade

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