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Freshmen and Senior Q&A Time
  • Jeong Won kyeong
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Q. I wonder about the different ways of lecturing. Is there any way to tell me?

- Kim Da-jeong (Dept. of Journalism)

A. The ways of lecturing are different, as professors and contents of lecture are different. There are general lectures like high school classes, debate lectures about reading material, lectures consisting of group work, and general lectures. In university, unlike high school, you can choose your classes. If you are absent, no one scolds you, but your grade suffers. It's good to attend classes constantly.

Q. Going backpacking is popular among university students. What is the best way to go backpacking?

- Jo Hyun-ho (Dept. of Convergence and Integration)

A. It's good to go backpacking. You can learn many things. Most university students who want to go backpacking make plans during the summer or winter vacation. If you want to go abroad, you can get a tourist-working visa for a 'working holiday'. Many students use that visa to travel and work part-time.

Cross-country and 'Rail-ro' are representative ways of domestic travel. Cross-country means walking across Korea over several days. You can learn many worthy things.

Rail-ro means traveling by train. You have to invest a lot of time to make a plan. In each region, you can eat the regions' characteristic foods and appreciate the beautiful views.

Q. I wonder how I can join clubs. - Kwon Do-hee (Dept. of Journalism)

A. All clubs are listed in the 'cyworld' homepage of CWNU. Around the middle of March, each club does public relations activities to introduce their clubs and receive new members in front of the Bongrim Student Hall. If you are interested in club activities, it's good to go there and look around.

Answers: Ha Do-young (Dept. of Environmental Engineering)

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