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Students Speak Out About Scholarships for Outstanding Social Voluntary Work
There is a scholarship awarded to 100 students who spent a lot of time doing social service activities during the school year. They are given up to a million won. This original purpose was to encourage voluntary participation by students, and to improve the image of CWNU. The student awarded first place did over 400 hours. But some students are less positive about this system. They question whether this system really makes students volunteer altruistically.

Lee Seung-min
I think this scholarship system is great in terms of inciting students to do more social service activities. But if only 100 students get scholarships, others who worked hard could be disappointed. I think it is better to give more scholarships with adjusted payments. Also, there are students who do volunteer work to decrease their tuition fees without adhering to the original spirit of the program. I think it would be effective to encourage students to volunteer in other ways. For example, conducting campaigns and informing why volunteering is good.

Kim Tae-moon
First of all, its original purpose is good. But voluntary work should be done with personal initiative and a pure heart. Certainly, there may be students who do social service activities to get scholarships without any passion. Moreover, there are some who use relatives at social welfare organizations to get volunteer certificates without any work. Therefore, I think scholarships for outstanding social voluntary work is meaningless.

Kim Du-ram  -

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