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What Do You Think of “Clicker Applications”?
The CWNU library uses a clicker application to enter, and reserve a reading or seminar room. However, students are unaware of this application. Students undergo many discomforts because the clicker does not work smoothly and has a lot of problems. Students who study for a long time in a reading room experience inconveniences regarding limited time.
Moreover, although only students with clickers can enter, other students treat reading rooms like their homes, ignoring the rules. What do CWNU students think about the clicker application?

I usually use the library reading room to study. The “Clicker” application was developed in 2013. It is so convenient for library users. I use it to get a seat in the early morning. But sometimes, unpleasant situations occur. Someone takes my seat, and he or she doesn’t look like a student. Most of them are studying for civil service exams, so lots of articles such as laptop computers and books litter the desk. I cannot say, “Please move to another place, this is my seat.” It is so annoying! I think people have to follow our

From the second semester on, we needed a clicker to enter in order to control visitor access. Many visitors use the reading room on weekends but there are no students on guard during the weekend. On weekdays, it is inconvenient to have a clicker because most people who use the library are students. I usually study in the reading room during the exam period. I always reserve a seat by clicker, but visitors often take my seat. I think the clicker application is good for controlling visitor access, but there are still many problems.

Jeong Eun-su  -

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