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Badly Damaged Relics in the CWNU Museum
Do Jong-hwan, a member of the National Assembly, announced that metal relics in the Busan National University Museum and CWNU Museum were badly damaged due to poor management. CWNU Museum’s 256 metal relics were given the lowest rating of 5. But the museums strongly protested this announcement and claimed the government shifted the responsibility of the preservation without a supporting budget and skilled staff. Regarding this situation, we heard the opinions of CWNU students.

I know CWNU Museum holds lectures, and external events for children, and cultural heritage exploration. Those are desirable because the museum is the center of local culture and cultural heritage. But it is disappointing and shocking that conservation and management of cultural artifacts are lousy. The museum said they were short of staff and governmental support. I think it is not only the museum’s fault, but it is our collective responsibility. I know most people have never been to the CWNU museum. This situation was caused by indifference and structural problems. The museum didn’t receive enough support from the government because it wasn’t perceived as a critical institution in the university. Therefore, measures to improve the system are urgently needed, and the museum needs to restore the damaged relics quickly.

The university museum and the government are passing the buck to each other. I feel disgusted about their evasion of responsibility. The museum is a place where our history and spirit lives, but it was managed improperly. I can’t believe what has happened these days. The CWNU Museum and the government need to come up with a solution to this problem. They need to make sure this doesn’t recur. Also, CWNU students and the community should take an interest in cultural heritage conservation. We have a duty to pass on our cultural inheritance in its entirety. I hope to see an improved system.

Jung Hwan-su  -

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