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“Song For You” Nice Artistic Is That Right?
“Song For You” is a broadcast program featured on SBS, about a high school choir during Chuseok who wanted to make a new dream come true. However, there is a special problem with this choir: all of the students are self-identified bullies and some were even formerly detained. On the internet, victims of the buillies tearily said they were “too frustrated” by the bullies. On the broadcast program, the bullies claimed that if they would have had a clear dream, they would not have mistreated the victims who they do not even know. The program’s PD (Producer) tried to let the bullies create a bright future, by planting a new dream choir for them to walk a new road of good intentions through music.
With this PD’s intention, we decided to try to hear the opinions of CWNU students.

1. Park Bo-ram
At the end of the day, my thinking is negative. I had watched to figure out if the children would change when the PD announced the planning intention, but ultimately, they did not. The students who appeared in “Song For You”, we know, had a criminal record. They acknowledged this criminal record. There is a planning intention, even though there is another meaning, people who watched the broadcast did not have a good feeling. If the viewers had any doubt about the bullies, I think they cannot accept them easily. Students appear to be just as they are on the surface.
And when the PD said, “Can you find anything good about them after they went to Youth Detention Center?” But I think that this is not the way to look at the bullies. It is a “no” remark on the concept, really. They committed crimes even at the Youth Detention Center. Therefore, I think that the PD planning intention was weak.

2. Heo Hyeon
My thinking is positive about this program. SBS broadcasted “Song For You”, but showed the bad parts only, and then other people’s thinking about it. Only the bully students who had appeared in the program know inside what they are thinking. I think that the PD chose to broadcast such a direct scene in order to show a somewhat realistic situation. And to be sure, the scene was realistic. Thus, this program gave a good opportunity for the bully students to appear in television broadcasting.

Kwon Ji-un  -

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