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What do you think about spending money on entertainers?
Did you enjoy our festival last week? If so, what were the most impressive events for you? I suppose that lots of students remember the entertainers most. CWNU invited popular Korean entertainers this year. Singers Vervaljint and K-will were invited to perform, and comedian Kim Ki-wook was the MC.
The CWNU festival is held annually during the fall semester. And every year, there is always a hot issue among CWNU students and other people interested in our festival: who will be perform this year? This year, CWNU spent forty million won on the performers. So, what do you think about spending this much money to invite entertainers?

Baek Seung-gon,
I heard that we spent lots of money on entertainers for the festival. I partially agree with it because there are some benefits. We can advertise our school. Lots of people including local residents and teenagers come to our school during the festival to enjoy the performances. If they enjoy the atmosphere, it can be good for public relations. Also, inviting the performers can be an end in itself. Because we live in a small city, we usually cannot see big stars. The performance of celebrities is a good chance to provide more culture. But while inviting entertainers has some virtues, there are some things to consider. CWNU has to reflect the students’ opinions, and consider their preferences. Clarity must also be considered. CWNU should release the festival budget, so students can know about it.

Kim Do-hyo,
As a freshman, I enjoyed my first festival this year. I was shocked when I found out we spent forty million won to invite only three people. Of course, inviting entertainers is considered common place at university festivals, and there might be some benefits. But is it the right choice? We do not have a big budget, and CWNU reduced the number of scholarships this year. And it is more important to support students than to put on events. I wonder how many students recognize this. I think just a few students know about this excessive spending, and it could be a problem. As we pay tuitions every semester, students should keep a critical eye on the budget.

Lim Se-jin  -

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